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Thank you for visiting Mason Bee Woodcraft. My name is Morgan Patton and I started Mason Bee in order to satisfy my constant desire to create functional and long lasting items of naturally beautiful materials.

I have been designing and crafting all of my life. I enjoy working with wood because it is relatively easy to manipulate and fairly low impact on our environment. My passion is design and bringing to life items that cannot be found anywhere else. I enjoy the challenge of filling the unique and very specific needs of each individual. I strive to get the most functions out of each project I do. For instance, if a piece of furniture is wanted for sitting and relaxing in, I will ask what else it could do. Perhaps provide storage and/or other functions when it isn’t being used for it’s primary intent.

  Morgan Patton
Mission Statement: I will create products that last and last while peacefully allowing the world around it to last and last as well.